Faster – Sonath 002 [SNTH002]

Engineered to enhance a subtle minimal with a steep musical print, French label Sonath disclosed its second EP in December 2017. Faced to his emotions, the auditor is deeply immersed in a fantasy related at the needle’s pace. Each side is a powerful and transient moment, an effort to provide a link between depth of a club atmosphere and a
track contemplative as a movie storyline.

For this second release, Sonath gives carte blanche to Romanian Faster. With two sides for two tracks, the disc reflects the ocean’s bad-tempered. A multitude of emotions intermix. « Granussi » depicts an abyssal universe, the atmosphere is the result of a fiddly job of resonance, which embodies the nitrogen narcosis. A mysterious theme,
sustained by the hypnotic power of a repetitive bass. The auditor dives into a submarine odyssey. On the other hand, « Almost Standing » is fully designed for the club. It creates another vibes, heavier, with a sharp edge rhythm. The crowd is rocked by technoïd squalls : the track kicks like a hurricane.


Sonath is a french label where club meets contemplation. Where dance meets arts, when movement meets music.

Suciu Laurentiu Aka Faster is a Romanian composer. He started in music production for hip-hop underground culture since the age of 16. In a short time he will discover another music area that will become a fan of, until now. Released on a lot of famous labels as Acmé, Drumma, Hourglass or The Rabbit Hole, he is one of the most talented artists of this country’s scene.




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