MuM turn three with the help of a pair of Romanians

Everybody that is remotely interested in house and techno has heard of Ibiza and its many super clubs, but what some don’t realize is that during the offseason the Balearic island of Ibiza is home to a relatively small but flourishing pool of DJ’s, producers, record labels and the appetite for quality music all year round is evident. One such brand that covers all of these bases extremely well is MuM, helmed by founder and resident Jordan they are now poised to celebrate 3rd years of events with a, particularly special party.

In the 3 years since MuM played that very first record, they have found themselves deeply rooted in the underground minimal scene of not just Ibiza but Madrid, Argentina, London, and as far as the reach of their loyal supporters will carry their name. This has also meant that they have been able to attract headline sets from major names such as Barac, Thomas Melchior, Herodot, Cristi Cons, caLLy, and S.A.M. This success is largely but not solely due to the excellent parties that they throw as they also release on-point tracks from their record label of the same name of which they have now a pair of EP’s by Xandru and Prajescu.

Attention now turns to the crew’s 3rd birthday and they have one hell of a session in store for the faithful music heads that call Ibiza home. Having thrived in the offseason for a number of years MuM are now joined in Ibiza by Octan, one of the only venues that has chosen to remain open over the course of the offseason and luckily for MuM it is already home to a number of minimal friendly parties such as Apollonia’s hugely popular Planet Claire night. Having taken care of business during their 2nd birthday shindig Sepp returns to the fold and will be heading up Room 1 at Octan on Saturday, January 25th. The Romanian hotshot has been firing off a quick succession of EP’s on the likes of UVAR, Rawax, and Blue Ciel, Sepp is a staple of all the major minimal events the world over.

Joining him in the Room 1 booth is Faster, an artist that is quickly ascending the Romanian ranks and with standout releases on The Other Side, Atipic, Drumma and of course his own Ruere imprint it won’t be long before he is headlining the room himself. What would a MuM party be without the Spanish connection and that will be provided by label mastermind Jordan. Completing the line-up in Room 1 will be fellow Ibizan brother Alma Records artist and Game Over resident Isbel. Having starred for the Ibizan promoter at their various parties around the islands hotspots such as DC10, Heart Ibiza and their recent hookup with Roots at Octan Isbel is well known to the more discerning dancefloors in Ibiza and further afield.

For such a special party, it was only right for MuM to spread their wings a little and will be opening up Room 2 and this will be taken care of by a trio artists that have more than cut their teeth on some of Europes finest dancefloors. First up is Whoyostro artist Jacobo who has recently released the ‘Yoshi’ EP and has starred for the likes of The Zoo Project and of course MuM Records. He will be joined by a close friend of MuM Ruben Solar, having starred back in May when the party welcomed Spanish hotshot producer Hanfry Martinez and Grego G who was a resident at the ill-fated French institution Concrete Paris who has swapped the Wood Floor for sandy surroundings of Ibiza.

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