UK Government confirms strict rules for illegal raves will be implemented

With further social easing being introduced in England the UK Government has stepped up their handling of breaches of COVID-19 regulations. The arrival of the warmer months of the year means social gatherings increase and new rules have come into effect that any promoter organising illegal raves could be handed a fine of up to £10,000.

Reports on illegal ‘quarantines raves’ in London alone have exceeded 500 parties according to a recent Metro article and while most of these parties are not observing any sort of social distancing the effect that they are having on the areas that they are being held in is clear to see. As well as the obvious health risks associated with holding parties with hundreds of people attending the devastation that is being left behind in parks, fields, and beaches is terrible and is not a good advert for the electronic music scene as a whole, although luckily not all promoters show this lack of civic-mindedness.

The good news is that there are some events returning to the UK that have gone through the correct channels with the backing of the authorities which include a social distancing event from the Picnic crew featuring Truly Madly, Hamish & Toby, Harry McCanna and Andy Luff as well as various events at Brixton Courtyard and The Cause’s new open-air venue Costa Del Tottenham. It is clear that the events industry is on its knees at the moment but a glimmer of hope is starting to shine through just make sure you are part of the solution, not part of the problem in restoring a once roaring industry.