Traumer invites more friends to join him at Rex Club in Paris

After his last event inviting his closest and most talented friends to Rex Club, Traumer returns to the French capital and as you might have guessed by now he has brought a few of his friends with him. When you consider how talented the main man is it is safe to say that each event will feature the best in the business. This party is no different.

Joining Traumer on Saturday, September 7th will a pair of artists that have been quite influential in the progression of the minimal sound in recent years. First up is Praslea, a Romanian artist whose young years drastically belie the skills he possesses. Known first and foremost as a DJ his sets both on his own and with Raresh as Praslesh are usually the highlight of any line-up that he is a part of.

Joining Praslea and Traumer at this heavyweight party is French-born but Berlin-based artist Cesar Merveille. His early productions pre-date the current strain of minimal and his current productions under the myriad of known and unknown pseudonyms are constantly pushing the genre forward. Cesar can also be found spinning in the best clubs around the world and is a regular fixture at Hoppetosse, CDV amongst others.

Little needs to be said about Traumer, his back catalog and his extensive touring schedule other than he definitely keeps some very talented company and throws some outrageous parties. These events are in the process of becoming classics, so if you are in Paris on Saturday, September 7th make sure you make your way to Rex Club.

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