Trommel.190 – Praslea

The demure appearance of Romanian artist Praslea belies his deep involvement in the music industry. With his name appearing on top events, especially in his home town of Bucharest, circa 2007, Florin Cunțan is a certified don of our scene. Having been inducted into the [a:pia:r] clique from an early age his “Jurnal De Bord” EP way back in 2009 he has hardly been prolific, but this is not where his real talent lies. With his solo credentials above reproach, it is par for the course for Praslea and his peers to perform together even at the biggest of events. So, it is hardly surprising that two artists from this family should join forces on the regular and that partnership is Praslesh. Not wishing to over comment on this duo, this does, however, go some way to explain the level of skill that Florin commands.

This week we are extremely lucky to be able present an extract from the Romanian’s masterclass at last year’s April edition of Sunwaves. With his set landing sometime on Monday evening he was in great company on Stage 4, as he took his place alongside Kozo and SIT. Slowly introducing the crowd to his groove, Praslea manages to combine a great many type of tracks in a relatively short space of time but the nature of them makes them work more as sonic scenery than a series of tracks. Dropped in drum fills punctuate the mix as if to warn the crowd that a big moment is on the horizon, and then it arrives, and they keep arriving. If you were at Sunwaves last April there is a high chance that this recording will bring back a lot of memories as the Monday evening is prime time and who better for the honor to fall to than Praslea.

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