Summer sorted at The Pickle Factory as returning parties are announced

The Pickle Factory

As the dance floors prepare to reopen their doors, we are seeing more and more of our favourite institutions spring back into action after the long hiatus that the pandemic has brought with it. In the middle of it all, the The Pickle Factory did their damndest to keep the fire alight with a pleasant program of socially distanced events late last year. As we get ready to return to the party, the Summer program at the East London Oval Space has been unveiled. And it’s a corker.

The launch weekend takes place on 25th and 26th June, the same week that restrictions are lifted. It’s the residents who will be welcoming us back with open arms. Truly Madly and Hamish & Toby headline the Friday, while John Gomez & Nick The Record headline the Saturday, all inherent crate diggers.

Resident appreciation continues into the following week, when the Pickle’s much loved mainstay Jane Fitz will be taking the helm alongside Dom Ahtaum. All night long, as is often the case when Fitz is in town. After this long dry spell, it really is great to see a bunch of the DJs that represent the venue are being given plenty of time to play with.

Local labels Hooversound and Timedance will be joining from their London and Bristol homes in the following weeks, before a huge Small Hours special on 6th August. DJ Pipe, Huerta, KRN, Sugar Free and Youandewan will all together be taking the reigns. No doubtedly armed with a ream of the deep, groove-laden house music the label has been pushing of late.

Leading lady of minimal Margaret Dygas will be joining the roster on 27th August alongside Harry McCanna of NorthSouth Records, making his Pickle debut. This one will no doubt be a popular night as the Perlon heroin is returning to the club for a special extended set. Tickets are already on final release.

All ticket info and lineup details can be found here at the Oval Space website.

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