Signal Festival heads to Bali for two-day Asian adventure

Having previously previewed the most recent Russia edition of envelope-pushing Signal Festival which took place back in August it is now time for the collaborative music meets art gathering to travel to Bali for 2 days of some of the most forward-thinking artists, stage designs and production that the region has seen.

Taking place between Thursday, January 9th and Saturday, January 11th across 3 stages – Jungle Club, The Vault and Neverland the ethos is to fuse the natural beauty of Bali with the stark lines and textures associated with Signal’s architectural and design roots. Over the course of the 2 days, there will be sets from a wide range of artists including Abelle, Andrey Lee, Anton M + Starsky, Bastian, Ben Pound, Bill Patrick, Binh, Chris Stussy, Daniel Suwenda, Denis Kaznacheev, DJ Masda, Elliot English, Forest (live), Francesco Del Garda, Golikov, Karim, Latex (live), Mashkov, Nicolas Lutz, Obgon, PNNY, Pompeya (live), Rhadoo, Pete Santos & Jay Mugelli, Sapphire Slows + Benjamin Skepper (live), SHXCXCHCXSH, Shortparis (live), Sofia Rodina, Vera, Vlada as well as mind-bending visuals from Sila Sveta, S E T U P and Arthew0.

If even a fraction of the sights and sounds from any of the Russian episodes of this unique gathering are to be found in Bali then all those in attendance are in for a very special treat and in the process, an important new precedent will be set within the Asian music scene. It is also worth noting at this point if you can’t make it to Bali then you should make sure you keep the dates of Thursday, August 20th to Sunday, August 23rd free as this is when the next Russian edition will take place.

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