Router Music celebrates turning three with Sammy Dee and Andy Kolwes

Running parties in South America is not an easy task, the high cost of travel for most artists that are based in Europe means that they often rely on several promoters clubbing together to form a tour for more high-profile artists. This is a great way of sharing the cost of the artist travel and at the same time working together to strengthen the scene in their respective countries. One such promoter is Santiago Rosero Calderon who runs Router Music and in his 9+ years in the industry he has worked with many artists and now he is one of around 5 promoters who heavily contribute to the underground music scene in Ecuador.

Since 2017 Santiago has been artist debuts to the Quito and in that time, he has brought the likes of Varhat, Alci, Subb-an, Lamache, Cosmjn, Janeret, Floog and most recently Dorian Paic.

As passionate as Santiago is about the music that he is presenting it is tough to do so on his own and he has been lucky enough to be working with Roberto at Zero Logistics: their relationship started long time ago and is fair to say have been instrumental for both the Ecuadorian scene and Router Music development. The agency played an important role by first believing in the promoter’s quality and then constantly booking several of the artists of their roster when organising the frequent tours for Janeret, Lamache and Dorian Paic among others artists represented. This literally opened a new way that better connected Ecuador and Europe, in a moment when the growth and development of underground music and culture was fundamental in South America. Another relationship worth mentioning is London based agency Toi Toi Musik who have often filled Router Music lineups with their artists. Similarly, SEVEN Producciones have also been lending their skills to the Router Music events during the last year for everything concerning the events organisation and production. This level of co-operation between several companies all helps to maintain a consistent level of quality events that these visiting leading artists are accustomed to.

Now more on Router Music’s visiting artists and what an event they have lined up next. Celebrating their 3rd birthday on Friday, March 6th Router Music will act as one of the stop-offs for Pressure Traxx’s Andy Kolwes. Andy’s releases and sets have seen him rise to become a major player in the German and world minimal scene and with his tracks being supported by the biggest names in the business him being the choice for Router Music’s birthday event was not a hard one.

Seeing as their next event is such a special one Router Music have made damn sure that this will not be forgotten in a hurry and also on the bill is Perlon main man Sammy Dee. What is left to say about Sammy other than his contribution to the genre is undeniable, his impact is indelible and when he hits the booth he lets his music do the talking. What makes this party and these bookings all the more special is the fact that their appearance at Router Music will again be debuts for each of the artists and their only gig in Ecuador, but I doubt that it will be their last once the dust settles on this party.

Providing support to these two top artists will be the ever-present resident of Router Music – Le Chu. Being part of several crews this Venezuelan femme fatale is regularly called upon to provide the beats across South America as well as Berlin, Barcelona, New York, and Miami. With an early start and a mid-morning finish it is clear that Santiago, his right-hand man Demian and the tireless team at Router Music that supports him, extended sets from artists reveal a much more exciting journey, one that is currently setting them apart from their peers.

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