From Ecuador to Barcelona, Router Music pairs up with ID for a special event

Renowned for bringing people all around the world together with their events in the last half-decade – ID, which is a well-established name, particularly within the Spanish scene, continues the series of collabs with like-minded promoters and is teaming up again with Router Music for a thrilling gathering that’s sure to shake things up. After their first collaboration together in the captivating capital city of Ecuador, Quito, the tables have now turned, with Router making its way to the vibrant city of Barcelona for yet another memorable event.

With over a decade of experience in the music industry and six years in the South American scene pulling the strings for Router Music, Santiago Rosero Calderon keeps aiming further, traveling all the way over the ocean from his homeland Ecuador to Spain, to make this upcoming magical night become reality.

On the 11th of November, expect to hear live some of the refined dynamic acoustics of Carl Finlow. John Dimas will showcase his crafted grooves and ethereal tunes, and Anna Wall will bring her high-spirited and eclectic set to the dancefloor. Unai Trotti, a key player in London’s underground scene, will be a notable appearance as well, with his energetic and funky style. Last but not least, the founders of both event brands, zrg AK aka Oz, and Santii aka Santiago Rosero Calderon, will round off the lineup list.

The warehouse location of the event is yet to be announced, so stay tuned and keep an eye on their socials for more details to be unveiled.

You can secure your ticket here. Get your hands on it before they’re sold out.

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