ID host Perlon for an all out session with a clutch of leading label names

ID BCN flyer featuring Zip, Margaret Dygas, Dorian Paic and the ID residents

Something very special has been brewing in the ID Headquarters. As far as the flyer above goes, we needn’t say much more than the visual. That being said, fine art should be recognised. Let’s dig a little deeper in celebration of the upcoming event happening on 25th March.

Although born from Brooklyn, ID have made a home from home in the city of Barcelona. Not to say they haven’t brought music to the masses in many other corners of the globe, but their residence in Spain really does receive the treatment.

Last year was a rather large one for the collective, who in the space of a few years have become a well-respected name in the underground circuit. The Spanish division started with smaller showcases, precise line ups featuring fine talent. This paved the way for collaborations with other promoters the likes of Un:Mute, and an upcoming pairing with Brunch Elektronik.

Aside from the sound, location also plays a major part in the creative offering from the ID Barcelona crew. Parties are often taking place at secret locations around the city. The latest announcement, in collaboration with Reverse BCN, might be their biggest to date.

Reverse is an agency created in Barcelona, whose events are focused on the mixture of arts (music, live painting, unique clothes and jewellery stores, tattoo stand, etc.) creating a really unique experience. They also have welcomed big artists in the business, such as Dandy Jack, Ark from Perlon, Dan Ghenacia, Praslea, Cezar and Denis Kaznacheev, featuring collaborations with big crews the likes of Yoyaku. All supported by high quality residents including Aline Brooklyn, Monile and Marcelo Cura, all great producers in their own right.

This ID / Reverse collaboration sees a villa takeover some 30 minutes out of the centre. That means more stunning surroundings and a homely vibe, a picturesque scene with an equally breathtaking lineup to boot.

Perlon are back in town for this one, but this time the boss man is in toe. Thomas Franzmann aka Zip makes his way back to Barcelona for the first time in five years, a unique and special booking that even on its own would need not be missed. But this is only the cherry on top of an already very tasty cake.

Margaret Dygas returns after an outstanding session alongside Sonja Moonear last year, an ID debut which celebrated eight years of ID worldwide. A leading lady of the minimal flavour, Dygas is for sure a name synonymous with Perlon, holding a long affiliation to the label. This offers a rare opportunity to see her alongside Zip, a most comfortable pairing poised perfectly to showcase the Perlon sound.

Another veteran invited to take to the controls is Raum…Musik‘s own Dorian Paic. An artist who holds long time links with Perlon, Cocoon and has been bringing the sound of Frankfurt to everywhere as of late. This trio of bookings bring over 60 years of DJ’ing experience with them, a wide spanning back catalogue that will no doubt make for an exceptional day and night of music. Of course, the residents will also be on hand. Zrg AK will as always be representing ID, alongside Reverse residents Monile, Nut Records’ Lyo and Piticu of Sunrise. As longstanding players across both brands, there is no better team to start shaping the sound.

Remember to keep ID on your agenda because the next events they have up their sleeve are coming in really hot. Artists you can expect to see on their roster include The Ghost, Sweely, Evan Baggs, Doudou MD, Michelle, Ryan Elliot, Melody Bruno Schmidt, Mariin, Loa Szala, Magico, Mar.ite, Andrew James Gustav and a whole lot more in the coming months.

Buy your tickets here. Includes bus ticket option to get you there and back.

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