Outcastle return to Torino for third edition of their extended celebration of music and arts

In advance of the third Outcastle gathering which will take place at the new Outcast headquarters in Vialfrè on September 15th and 16th we caught up with the tireless owners – Salvatore, Michele, and Dario. Here we discuss their future plans, upcoming third event and of course their new venue.

Having run parties of various types for many years, was the bigger Outcastle events a natural progression for you?

We think that this is a natural step that each organization would like to reach after years of parties; for us, it came spontaneously and we think that it has been a big reward for our perseverance keeping on doing parties with this kind of music.

Tell us about the next stage in the Outcastle project?

Due to the restrictions of the Castle about the security related to the number of participants it has been important to change the location. The main goal is to grow up to improve the event year after year and we needed a location that guaranteed continuity for us and the people that follow our project. It will be a green area, far from the residential zone and perfect to host an event that needs many spaces to dedicate to all the different kind of arts and activities that we included in it.

We also took care of the environmental impact that the event will have on the location, in fact, all the constructions will be realised with organic material, that also allows a good synergy with the environment.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

For this year’s edition, we have decided to invite an icon for electronic music – Craig Richards. We think that there is a good connection between our event and this figure as Houghton Festival is a big source of inspiration and he’s one of the essential minds behind it.

Tell us about your choice of other guests for this year’s event?

The second presence of Francesco del Garda at the festival, the return of Binh to our party (we invited him the first time on September 2016 with Onur Ozer), and the first Otis’ appearance for Outcast (he has born in Turin but musically raised in Berlin), his latest Outcast mix is a great reason why we have booked him. Also, as of the last year, we have renewed collaborations with some of the most interesting Italian crews and artists as Reibu (Milan collective, Enrico Vivaldi b2b Kunda), Martin Ponè (Gate11) and Franzoh (Bonfim Club – Marie Beyle, Genova). We also put a lot of focus on our resident DJ’s – Alex Dima, he recently ran his project Coordinate Records, and Munir Nadir, fresh from some releases on Italian label Purism and Increase the Groove from France.

How important are the preview events for the success of Outcastle?

We think that the previews are very important because they start to make people focus on the main event: they allow us to invite new and old artists and consequently to make new connections, but they also start to show some art contents that you’ll find again when the main event will take place.

You mention that your new venue allows you to grow, what future plans would you like to implement?

We always look to the future and, when we discovered this new location, we had many new ideas about the event, for example there will be the chance to make a two days event, giving also the possibility to camp in a park area with all the comforts that you need to spend two days in the nature. We’re working to make it a new experience from past events.

Tell us a little more about the art side of the event, what format will this take?

The artsy component is a new concept for the field of electronic music in Italy; we took care about it since the first edition and, years by years, it’s growing up with more and more people interested in it: for this edition, we will host twelve artists those will show their paintings and art installations in a dedicated area, but there will be also space for a live painting exhibition during the event.

The full line-up for this year’s event that will run on Sunday, September 15th and Monday, September 16th includes Craig Richards, Binh, Francesco Del Garda, OTIS, Alex Dima b2b Munir Nadir, Franzoh, Kunda b2b Enrico Vivaldi and Martin Ponè. While artists presenting their work during the course of the event will include Tazio Kastelic, Hasher1, Stefano Aren, Cecilia Castronuovo, Ek4t3, Michelangelo Aribone, Alice Vitale, Beatrice Palese, Oui, Stevemaister and Franzoh.

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