Why raving in a medieval fortress should be on your bucket list for summer 2017

With the aim to be a lone voice in the wilderness, in the recent years Outcast managed to bring to North Italy the best batch of artists available on the underground and minimal scene.

After a prolific 2014, that saw behind the decks interesting talents and artists like Nastia, Molly, Damian Lazarus and many more, Outcast kept growing at a steady peace and set the edge on its past by booking for their nights the “berliners” Onur Özer, Binh and DeWalta alongside Thomas Melchior and Vera.

Moreover, in between end of 2016 and mid 2017, they put on the bill, among others, a:rpia:r’s main men Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu, plus the eclectic sound of Barac. As if this is not enough, for very special occasions they have invited John Dimas, both at Outcast birthday and at 2016 NYE.

However, for this summer, the Italian collective wants to push their boundaries even more and overcoming the usual party, trying to offer a more complete and interesting experience, that they named “OUTCASTLE music & arts”.

The venue booked for 11 June 2017 is an old medieval fortress from 1000 D.C. named Rocca di Verrua, in the middle of North Italy hills, overlooking Po River. Music performances will meet art exhibitions, paint workshops. The event will run for 12 hours until midnight, completely contaminating the new and experimental sounds with the history of the location, mixing contemporary with ancient, rural and metropolitan. Bringing underground sounds to such a different location from a typical club is for sure an ambitious project, but Outcast crew managed to build up a very interesting line-up. In fact, within the ancient walls of the Savoy fortress the main performances will be from fine selectors Onur Özer and Francesco Del Garda, the head of Hello?Repeat label Jan Krueger and Enrico Mantini. The lineup is completed by Nudge, Pressure Point, Alex Dima, Bakked, Paolo Macrì, Alex Ground, Munir Nadir, BSKRS, Grano (live), Bruno Piovesan, Frenk Dale, SIMI. and Dekk for what is promising to be an intimate and long musical journey.

Apart from music performances, core of the event, on that day you will have a 360° experience, raining from live painting and music workshop, “analogic vs digital” seminar run by Enrico Mantini, Gravity Records and Gamma Music Institute and paint exhibition from artist Gabriele Bosco. There will also be illustration from The Super g!, performances from Wasp Crew and Laboratorio Gruppo 5 and installation in the whole area by AK Lab.

To warm up for this special event and enter in the right mood, Outcast managed to arrange couple of preview parties to cover the days left to “OUTCASTLE music & arts” and give their audience a small taste of what they can find on mid July:

On 17th March 2017 they invited Melliflow-head Vera with the support of Munir Nadir and Alex Dima at Supermarket, while on 9th April Nudge, Sbri, Crocodile Soup, Lorenzo Chiabotti and Paolo Macrì made their appearance spinning records at Villa Bianco.

To conclude, if you love music and arts, there are plenty of reason to attend OUTCASTLE, and it is definitely among Trommel picks of summer 2017.

Facebook event – https://www.facebook.com/events/1794620187460769/

Tickets – https://xceed.me/it/events/verrua-savoia/32223/outcastle-music-arts

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