Outcastle #2: Electronic music, arts and fun in a Medieval fort

    Outcast did it again.
    The Italian collective from Turin has launched Outcastle#2, a 12-hours comprehensive event that includes music, arts and workshops, which follows the success of the first edition headlined by Francesco Del Garda.

    The event will take place on 10th of June and,  like last time, the setting is a Medieval fort built more than 1000 years ago in Rocca di Verrua, an outstanding and very characteristic venue on the hills in North Italy.

    In respect of the musical side, the target is unchanged as well: among the best international artists and guest in the minimal and underground space, like Fumiya Tanaka, Evan Baggs, two third of Slow Life (Laurine b2b Cecilio) and Pressure Point have been booked and will perform alongside local and emerging talent represented by Outcast residents and friends.

    On the art side, this year will be more structured than ever.
    There will be expositions and live painting curated by AK Lab, which attended in 2017 as well, but this time they will be joined by street artists and crews in different declination, including Atlas Circus collective, a circus company, and Rider’s Academy, a skater association from Turin. Both they will have scheduled an exhibition in different spaces of the castle.

    “The sampling in modern music” workshop will take place during the main event, with the guys from InSintesi delivering information on techniques and examples on historical samplers. Three days before the main event, a workshop for children of the elementary school nearby have been set up, to form young minds on the “structure of music”.

    Worth to be mentioned are the two “preview-events” that have been successfully organized at Villa Bianco, one with Francesco Del Garda and its records and gems impossible to find, and the other one with DeWalta, to create the right mood while approaching the main summer date.

    Outcastle#2, will be in conjunction with the 5 year birthday of the Italian crew, with a planned a small European tour to celebrate, touching London, Switzerland, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Genova and Liverpool, with Paris and Milan still top secret and to be announced.

    With its unique setting and the goal to connect history with new and modern arts, Outcastle#2 seems to be the perfect place to listen to good music and have cultural and open air activities, definitely the best way to spend a short getaway from everyday life.

    Outcast 5yr tour:

    23 March at Lion and Lamb, London
    27 Aprile at Pix Club, Ascona, Switzerland
    14 May at Club der Visionaere Berlin
    25 May at Sigh, Madrid
    25 May at Monnu Beyle, Genova
    2 June at Eightsquare, Barcelona
    4 August at Waw, Liverpool
    TBA – Paris
    TBA – Milan

    Outcastle #2 full lineup below:

    Fumiya Tanaka
    Evan Baggs
    Laurine b2b Cecilio
    Pressure Point
    Enrico Vivaldi b2b Kunda
    Timo Trey
    Alex Dima
    Munir Nadir
    Paolo Macrì
    Grano live
    Cristian Sarde
    Lorenzo Aribone

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