Next round of Ping Pong club ahead at Badaboum

Badaboum - ping pong club flyer

When you think of the French electronic scene, some of the finest clubs on the underground circuit start to light up in your mind. Parisian club Badaboum is one of said establishments, sitting up there brightly.

It is of course not uncommon to find the usual French suspects heading up the bills passing the club from week to week. And further, international artists are invited from far and wide, with a focus on the crème de la crème. The lineups themselves are tightly packaged, giving ample space for the DJs to work their groove.

Ping Pong club allows for exactly that, but the artists play together. A ping pong competition centred around dancing, in which the ball is replaced by several hundred grooving bodies. The next meet up is imminent and its looking like a tasty one.

Two pair-ups take over the six and a half hour techno tournament. First off, Raphi will be sparring with Zeller. The RMMT (aka Roommates) collective members have been sharing DJ booths before with an unique unity that has earned its place until the long set legendary of Badaboum.

The second duo is formed by Quest & Sugar Free. The pair have been sharing lineups for several years and neither are strangers to the blend-a-blend, from the Hoppetosse and beyond. Both artists remain Trommel favourites, rising fast through a dedication to the wax and the sound which it beholds. A likely combination and a royal fit for the Ping Pong club.

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