New creative project Internet Is Over debuts with a 3-track electronica EP

With the focus being forcefully taken away from the dancefloor many artists have chosen to fight against this and keep the momentum up with club bangers. This is, without doubt, the polar opposite of the new project from Arno and Simon Birkenfled – Internet Is Over.

Instead, they are choosing to shine a light on the subtler genres that influence the pair and aligned artists’ output but seldom don’t have a platform to share it from or perhaps even the audience to listen. The current situation has presented itself with this unique opportunity and the pairing also known as Hot City Orchestra has leaned into this situation.

The aim of Internet Is Over is to provide a vehicle for all manner of music to be given an outlet as long as it is not club music. The upcoming vinyl releases will be produced by already well-known artists such as Crihan, Katy Drover, Secret Universe, Finetune, Cedric Dekowski, and Suciu. The word has already begun to buzz around the universe of social media with #freewifi and #freewilly popping up regularly from supporters of the campaign.

To inaugurate and introduce the project Hot City Orchestra has produced 3 tracks that make up the first EP. In the words of HCO, “the title track “The Planet” is inspired by the earth, nature, birds singing in the sky, an orchestra playing at the Opera House and an 808 looping forever in Downtown Detroit.”

As well as the mesmerizing music on the first Internet Is Over release a stunning 23-minute video also accompanies this track and features the hypnotic skills of contemporary dancer Vava Valeriia. “Shhh!” has been recorded 50% on a modular system in Neukölln and 50% on Lake Mosvatnet in Norway. The result is a lush soundscape packed with field recordings, ambient noises, and warm modular pads. The abstract jazz-infused rumblings from ‘The Creator’ completes the EP. Accompanying the debut and future releases is a plethora of unique and thought-provoking typography and imagery designed to

The release will be available on vinyl from the Yoyaku store and digitally from Bandcamp shortly.

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