Yoyaku will be unveiling their new Chapelle XIV hub in full with a special stream event

Not even lockdown has stopped French super label Yoyaku from pushing the boundaries and the opening of their second record store and creative hub Chapelle XIV is the pinnacle of this. Not so much a record store but more like an art gallery that sells records and coffee the Yoyaku crew have grand plans for this expansive space.

Having already revealed the extent of the record store, art gallery and tantalising images have been circulating recently showing Varhat working on his studio that will be housed at Chapelle XIV. Given that Paris like countless other major cities is in a state of lockdown Yoyaku has been working behind the scenes on a new format event and they will be sharing this with us all on Friday, January 15th.

Collecting together the many disciplines that make up this multimedia creative hub Yoyaku will be presenting a series of stream events that will feature live musical performances and will be peppered with artist discussions, masterclasses, and workshops across the beautifully crafted event spaces at Chapelle XIV. The first event will take place on Friday, January 15th, and will see Janaret perform. The following day Apollo Noir will perform live, progressing the January lineup will include Chloe (21/01), Myako (22/01), Vitess live (23/01), NSDOS (28/01), Cabanne (29/01), and Marina Trench (30/01).

February’s artists are just as impressive with Voiski live (05/02), Vincen aka Varhat (06/02), Sceurs Malsaines (11/02), Lenny live (12/02), Portable live (19/02) Lea Occhi (20/02) and for the final weekend Arno live (26/02) and Zaltan (27/02). No need to worry about guest list or ruining your favourite pair of sneakers as the event can be enjoyed as loud as you like from the comfort of your own home. Make sure you keep an eye on the music.chapelle14.com website for more information.

Event | Tickets are free

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