Likeminded returns to Ploetze with an all-day back-to-back

Ploetze has nestled into the Berlin clubbing landscape nicely since launching a few months ago. The lakeside club has welcomed some serious names since July and Likeminded has been leading the charge with these events. First came Luke Slater, Laurine and Cecilio and then last month the mighty Francesco Del Garda squared off against Saoirse. However, their next party on Saturday, September 25th is looming high on the horizon and is set to eclipse everything with an all-day set from a pair of DJ’s that have some of the biggest buzz around them in recent years.

Both buzz worthy artists in their own right the combination of the pairing of Italian Quest and Christian AB is not to be missed. First of all Quest, an artist that made his name seeking out the biggest leftfield bangers known to man. The only hint at what is coming next during a Quest set is the manic grin beaming out from behind the turntables.

If there was ever a suitable sparring partner it would be Christian AB. A firm favourite at the hottest parties around the world including VBX, ReSolute, Un_Mute, Melliflow, the list goes on and on. You name it Christian has rocked it. On paper Quest and Christian AB are one of the hottest DJ pairing on the circuit in reality, that title doesn’t even half cover it. What is even more insane is the fact that have not played an all-day set together before, well officially anyway. Sand between your toes, the best vibes and the best beats is all that is on the menu for Likeminded’s next party.

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