Les Enfants Brilliants take on OFF Sonar in style

No strangers to OFF Sonar, Barcelona stronghold Les Enfants Brilliants are back with a superb line up. This year they are bringing a host of contemporaries, equally known for their expertise in curating and selecting some of the finest electronic music around. Since first opening their doors in 2022, Les Enfants Brilliants have cemented themselves as key promoters in the vibrancy and tenacity that has come to be Barcelona’s electronic scene, an impressive catalogue of events has earned them their spot on the map.

Any lucky enough to make it to 2022’s OFF week will undoubtedly recall their on-point programming which saw the likes of Janeret, Miroloja, Maayan Nidam, Cassy, Cinthie, Priku, Voigtmann and Spokenn (Ferro & Reiss) and more all gracing the decks in a matter of days. Whilst many clubs may settle for the above list of stars as a successful first year, OFF parties were just the tip of the iceberg for the novel Barcelonan venture, 2022 also saw Nu Zau, Real Gang’s Miller and Nicolau, Djebali, Italian powerhouse Gianmarco Orsini, Michael James, Arapu, Sweely and more. It’s more than refreshing to see they have very much continued as they set off, with a stacked calendar of events in the run up to OFF week, the club will see Praslea, Anthea, Alci and DJ Masda to name a select few.

Following the successes of last year’s OFF week, the Barcelona hotspot has been granted an extra day this time, extending the festivities to Sunday 18th of June this year. 2022 saw Les Enfants Brilliants offer up a series of top parties in collaboration with some of Europe’s finest with Animal Crossing, Yoyaku and Crystal Grooves all joining the fold. They continue to impress with year’s offering boasting collaborations with the inimitable London crew Cartulis, Gene’s Limousine Dream, Traumer’s Get-traum events and the return of Yoyaku, resulting in an imaginably exceptional curation.

Yoyaku will be kicking off the proceedings as they lift the veil on OFF week Thursday 15th of June at Les Enfants Brilliants where French minimal house maestro Janeret, Kolter (F.K.A. DJOKO), The Lot Radio regulars O.BEE & Tomas Station and Morgan will all take to the stage. True minimal flavours coming from the Paris based outfit, seeing some top names alongside rising stars, most notably an appearance from Morgan who is hot off the press after her debut set at Sunwaves 29.

Friday will see a full Berlin takeover with Gene on Earth, tINI, Sugar free and Fonte all taking the reins at Les Enfants Brilliants on the 16th of June. The debut showcase will oversee a special b2b performance from Gene and tINI as the pair flex a multitude of underground house flavours from their seemingly endless vinyl collections, expect the unexpected! Berlin-based Fonte and Sugar Free will be warming the floor as the pair go b2b, soundtracking the club in true Limousine Dream fashion as they bring that underground heat.

Get-traum hold the fort come Saturday 17th of June. Playful and energetic sounds fuel Traumer’s prowess as a producer and selector, the above having seen him tour the globe leaving crowds with a sense of joy and an irresistible urge to dance. This is reflected in his programming of Get-traum events as he marks out a new stage in his career. OFF week at Les Enfants Brilliants will see him involved in some serious b2b action with Praslea. An artist who needs little introduction, Romanian gem and minimal techno mainstay Praslea has carved out his sound over the years and continues to shell out fresh tunes to this very day. The night will also see sets from fellow Romanian favourite Sepp as well as up-and-coming Argentinian talent Momo Trosman.

Last but not least, Sunday 18th will be headed off by the one and only Cartulis Music who will be bringing their unique acid-tinged stamp to the mix. Head honcho Unai Trotti is joined by brother-in-arms Raphael Carrau as the pair call in the cavalry for an all-out OFF week affair. Their curation will see themselves sharing the decks with crate-digger extraordinaire and vinyl wizard Z@P who will hand over to Radioactive Man for an equally magic live set.

Les Enfants Brilliants is looking like the place to be for OFF week Barcelona, hit the links below to get involved with their curation of events.


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