Barcelona club Les Enfants Brillants launch their own record label

If you have been to Barcelona this year then there is a high chance you will have have spent a hazy night a hazy night under the red glow of Les Enfants Brillants. One of the city’s finest new additions LEB has made a sizeable impact on the world club scene and every week the finest touring artists and local selectors take control of the audiophilic night spot.

It seems like a natural progression that the club so intertwined with vinyl culture would dip its toe into the world of vinyl only record labels at some point, but for it to land so soon is beyond impressive. Each week only the finest artists are invited to Les Enfants Brillants so it was only right that the first release would be bristling with some the biggest names in the game. Previous guests have included the likes of Traumer, Varhat, Craig Richards, Cristi Cons, DJ Masda, the list is endless and it continues to grow with each passing weekend.

For the first release of Les Enfants Records the LEB team have employed the undeniable talents of Per Hammar on his ‘Lystopad’ EP and with two originals and two remixes the proposition is a very strong one. Lead track ‘Lystopad’ is a seductive groover with Per’s trademark tinges of dub techno combined with minimal house. Deep bass tones are made for the pristine soundsystem and custom built acoustics of the club. Romanian ace Nu Zau smoothes things out with his remix of the lead track while French duo Miroloja dials up the pressure on their take of ‘Lystopad’. Completing the release is a second original in the form of ‘Pentium Dubb’ and employing equal parts chunky dub and floaty atmosphere easily transports the listener deep into a session under those red lasers.

As you can see by the artwork and the bright red heavyweight vinyl LEB-001 more than matches the clubs’ aesthetic. As you tell by the audio clips below the audio quality is second to none too. LEB-001 is now available to pre-order via Subwax.

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