Introducing Dan Ghenacia’s latest artistic project, AWEED

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Dan Ghenacia has launched a new project. AWEED, which stands for Alpha Wave Experience, Electronic and Dub, stems from an unusual yet interesting concept Ghenacia has been developing in recent years. It serves to combine the output of club ready sounds alongside non-dance and ambient. Aside from the hedonistic schedule of weekly touring both as a solo artist and one third of Apollonia, AWEED allows for a space to celebrate the more eclectic sounds of the creative mind.

This deeper dive into the experimental began with development of ‘The Dream Machine’, a hallucinogenic art piece driven by rapid light movement, affecting human consciousness. Pairing his very own light machine with specially designed sound, Ghenacia created the Alpha Wave Experience – a sensory transportation to a meeting in the mind of dreams and reality. The exhibition is set to be exhibited in art galleries and exhibitions across Europe this year.

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AWEED brings together such projects as this, allowing for a deeper introspection. At the same time, the platform provides a new outlet for club orientated productions. “This eclectic mix of music shows I have reached the perfect balance between my crazy weekends and my calmer day to day. I hope this label shows to be more mature and well-rounded, yet still fun for all audiences.”

Another venture grouped within the new label is Art Of Wave. Together with fellow producer and friend Tolga Fidan, it’s a sound design project that will soundtrack the Alpha Wave Experience, as well as artworks inside galleries. Set to feature in the Sobering Gallery (Paris) and the Boa Lab Gallery (Lisbon), this concerted focus on eclectic sounds aims to give a greater depth to the observation of art.

Dance ready beats will also feature on AWEED, from the deeper sounds of dub to the usual groove packed Parisian house music. Similar to the set-up of Apollonia’s back-to-back, rotating records one after another, the label will release a different production from each genre in alternate cycle. Dan’s first outing begins in the club with D EP, available now on Beatport.

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