DeWalta bridges the lockdown gap with masterclass program

With the tough times of lockdown proving to be testing for keeping ones’ brains engaged it is possible to gain new knowledge, skills, and also for forging a new stream of revenue while the lockdown period halts events and touring schedules. Step in German artist DeWalta who has created a list of programs that ticks all the above boxes.

DeWalta’s studio prowess is well documented as well as his own Meander label he has recently released on labels such as Cocoon and Visionquest. It is the combination of the latter that has produced much of the content for DeWalta’s guest classes. As well as private one on one classes that will help to improve all facets of your own productions (£80 for 1.5-hours) DeWalta has also arranged time and masterclasses with some of his closest artist friends. For a relatively low price (£30 for a 1.5-hour class) it is possible to discuss the art of creative DJing with Seth Troxler, performing live with DeWalta and (Mike) Shannon, record label management with Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves and music education with Afriqua.

With some artists offering similar classes DeWalta’s is by far one of the most comprehensive and perhaps rewarding considering the level of content and knowledge at his disposal.

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