Premiere: 2 – Ryan Crosson & Cali Lanauze – Call Me When You Want (CL Get Low Mix) [OP010]

Ryan Crosson & Cali Lanauze - EP artwork

Cali Lanauze continues to make the most of hosting his own label Opulence. Carefully curated releases make up the back catalogue, which has settled into a steady feed since a busy launch year back in 2018. Lanauze features on the majority of said records, nestled within a tight nit family. Artists who resonate the sound, and keep coming back with more. Ryan Crosson is one of those, returning for the next release.

Arguably best known as one of the co-founders of Visionquest, Crosson is an artist who fits into several families already. And why not, when it so often works. Continuous collaborations over the years include regular releases with Cesar Merveille, Guti and of course Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss via their own platform.

Now Crosson is making music with Cali Lanauze and this won’t be the first time the pair have worked together. Crosson served up a remix of the Opulence boss back in 2018. This time, they both credit on the original and ‘Call Me When You Want’ comes in many forms. We have the ‘CL Get Low Mix’ on the premiere.

Deep synth pads are joined by cosmic sound FX and off beat kicks which quickly welcome crisp hollow percussion that works up an ethereal atmosphere from the label head. This is all a cunning ploy to lure the listener into a state of calm before the real action begins. Heavy hitting basslines converge on the spacey bed that had been perfectly curated before and thus taking the track in a totally different direction.

On the flip of this track from Ryan Crosson is punching breakbeat which sets a steady tone, stripped back in style with plenty of space for the bass. Chopped vocal drips in echo, a firm grasp on the beat that becomes heartfelt and uplifting as the sound unravels. Percussion plays between a wide range of drums, from the repetitive rhythms forming the backbone to the impromptu kicks that break it away.

What starts off as a deep sound, spacious and moody, grows with emotion. As the bassline gets bigger and the warmth flows from the pads, the feel good moments can be felt. It takes time to settle in, with a proper reward.

OP010 is now available via the Opulence Bandcamp page.

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