Celebrated label Telum will shortly be launching sister label Aurum

Since the very first release from clandestine vinyl-only label TELUM back in April 2018, each release has been even more celebrated than the last with every copy being snapped up before even being released. It wasn’t long before the rock-solid groovy slabs of minimal house were picked up by the biggest names in the game and they can count on names such as Priku, Barac, Sonja Moonear, all members of RPR Soundsystem and of course the big dog Ricardo Villalobos. Of course, we are big fans of TELUM and regular readers will have spotted our recent review of the 6th edition of TELUM which is about to drop.

With TELUM going great guns it has emerged that the minds behind the label will be starting down a more stripped back, raw direction with the launch of sister label AURUM. Meaning Latin for gold AURUM will again be produced by an unknown team of silent assassin’s and as well as the sure-fire single EP’s there will also be VA’s to provide a bigger context of sound. You can expect the debut release to drop later this year and as the name suggest the limited run of heavyweight vinyl is sure to be a solid gold sell-out. Sleep on these at your peril.

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