Premiere: B1 – Unknown – Untitled [TELUM008]

The prolific TELUM crew are back with their eighth vinyl release.

Each record the label have pressed has become a sought after item. Fusing popular music with the slick, stripped back house formulas pushed by the likes of Mihai Pol and Raresh has seen heavy support.

The main imprint TELUM has seen a patient flow of releases, taking their time between each pressing, whilst working on the sister label Aurum. The last release arrived in February with a neat reshape of Dr. Dre’s ‘Housewife’, gathering support from many of the scene’s selectors in Peter InspirescuPrikuBarac and Cristi Cons to name a few.

Continuing their music-first vision, 008 follows the no artist, no track titles, no artwork aesthetic. Pinned by a buoyant bassline and slinky hi-hats, the premiered B1 is a lush mood setter.

Warm, trickily chords simmer over the mix with a classy character. Stemmed by a subtle, spiralling bassline that could keep a dance floor moving at just about any time. It’s the subtle, versatile charm that this elusive collective do so well.

Patiently unfolding, rhythms remain on a more stripped back, subtle tip than much of their previous peak time releases. You can picture Mihai Pol creeping the laid back vibe over one of his productions mid mix.

The rest of the release remains on a similar bouncy, yet relaxed vibe. Dreamy, garage-tinged cuts occupy the A side with an ethereal vibe heard in much of Cosmjn and Lizz’s works.

Closing out the record with an eloquent workout, the B2 taps into a string of emotions with a romantic chord sequence. Whether it’s warming up the evening, or closing out a marathon session, the flexible character of each of the label’s output has led to a sold out catalogue, with great anticipation around each release.

The prolific outfit have recently began hosting events around the UK, as well as a residency at London’s legendary fabric. True to their unknown ethos, lineups remain secret until the night, with Romania’s Mihigh as a surprise guest on their fabric debut. TELUM return to fabric on October 17th with another secret lineup.

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