BlackTone is helping shaping the underground scene in Texas and beyond

America is rapidly becoming a hotbed of underground house and techno. Not to say that this hasn’t always been the case in other sub-genres but when it comes to more minimal leaning shades this is relatively new ground being covered. These scenes in Miami and New York have been well documented but BlackTone has been flourishing in different parts of the US, both with their event arm as well as with the agency.

Having been throwing events in Texas since 2016 BlackTone have forged long lasting relationships with top artists. Names such as Voigtmann, Ferro, Giammarco Orsini, Robert Roman, Rainer, Pascy, Dragos Ilici, CHKLTE and Majiini all fall under the banner of their agency for their North American bookings and they are in very good hands indeed. They join the family that has introduced the unlikeliest of destinations already to artists such as Praslesh, Fumiya Tanaka and Mihigh, and that put several Southern USA cities on the underground map in the last two years, arranging tours for European-based artists they admire.

Now that events are back on the cards BlackTone has an impressive schedule of events upcoming.

First up is the long-awaited return of Italian master Francesco Del Garda on Saturday, May 8th. Having been the guest at one of their last parties before COVID-19 the Texas outfit just simply had to get FDG back for their first party. Support at the secret party will come via new resident Alex Pastor and Varela.

As if this event was not enough to sink your teeth into BlackTone have also revealed that they have locked down dates for Nicolas Lutz, DJ Masda in July, Dyed Soundorom in September and they have very special up their sleeve for their 5th birthday in November. Keep your eyes peeled for more events like this as BlackTone parties will continue to be an essential part of the North American underground.

Tickets are now available for the next BlackTone party with Francesco Del Garda.

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