BlackTone join forces with ubiyu to bring tINI b2b Dyed Soundorom to Texas

BlackTone and ubiyu have been pivotal in bringing the deep digging and specialist minimal sounds to Austin in recent years.

On top of their growing agency, the BlackTone crew have been hosting a classy curation of artists at the top of their game. Francesco Del Garda landed in the southern state last May, while more recent months have welcomed Nicolas Lutz, DJ Masda and Sonja Moonear to bring their educative record bags to the Lone Star State.

Names such as Unai Trotti, Voigtmann, Giammarco Orsini, Matthias, Raphael Carrau, Michelle, Ferro, Dragos Ilici, Chklte, Robert Roman and several others all fall under the banner of their agency for their North American bookings. They join the roster built by these seasoned promoters that have introduced the more niche and secluded destinations to the likes of Praslesh, Fumiya Tanaka and Mihigh, whilst putting many growing Southern USA cities on the underground map.

Linking with another tastemaking collective, ubiyu, Friday 18th March will welcome two legends of the game to go head to head in an extended back-to-back. Both tINI and Dyed Soundorom are innovative in their own right, as curators of the legendary tINI and the gang and one-third of Apollonia, the bags of experience and taste between these two is destined to make a memorable affair.

Ubiyu have been carving their own aesthetic over in Texas with events featuring artists such as Anthea, Sweely, Cristi Cons, Andrey Pushkarev, Satoshi Tomiie just to name a few. They also run a record label with releases from the likes of TIJN & Arno and audiophile producers Pheek and Kike Mayor, all while hosting two monthly residencies to help curate Austin’s growing scene. Chklte & Robert Roman will provide the warm-up on the night, representing the two brands and their zest for club culture. The event will take place at a new location on the outskirts of the city to enable an extended 6am finish and will be powered by the gorgeous Danley Sound system.

This unique affair will also be BlackTone’s last event for a while before they focus solely on growing the artist agency. As both the talent and scenes continue to grow in the southern territories of USA, the crew are at the heart of it all.

Tickets are now available, find more info in the event here

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