Trommel.186 – Gojnea76

Gojnea76 is not like other Romanian artists, although perhaps once part of the Ro scene G76 is now an entirely different beast. His productions and DJ sets have a certain mechanical funk to them that swagger where others play it straight. Taking a much darker route than many of his contemporaries, his sweet spot can be found in many of the unreleased gems that can be found on his Bandcamp page. Taking inspiration from a myriad source of creative outpouring, G76 expands his musical palettes in all directions  and the ideas that he melds together are a true testament to this process.

A firm fixture across Europe and USA, and it is the latter where we find the Romanian in full flow and in the mix. For our next podcast edition we present an extract from the headline artist of Ubiyu in Austin, Texas a few months back. For the 2 hours plus run time of this set extract there is always an insistent undertone to the soundtrack. The urge to propel forward is a constant and the undulating grooves are ammo for the dancefloor.

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