Alexkid updates Ableton Live sequencer plug-ins with new features

Back in November 2018 we sat down with Alexkid to talk about his ‘Cute Little Sequencer’, among other things. To the delight of fellow music producers, the Ableton whiz made several of his sequencer plug-ins available online. They have since become rather infamous amongst said music makers and now Alexkid updates them.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of playing with these yet, fear not. We have now been able to get our hands on a 20% discount exclusively for Trommel readers, during the month of April. So while we all continue to explore new avenues of creativity during these times of isolation, this could do just the job.

Some of you may have already used the software. These updates include newly available scales and are fully mapped to Ableton’s Push 2. They also come with smoother operation courtesy of bug fixes and a new User Interface designed and optimised for Live10.

510 Creatives have given the tools here to generate it all; polyrhythmic basslines, melodic patterns, parameter modulation, ever-evolving hi-hats, claps, percussion patterns – it’s the perfect toolkit for making Micro House and Minimal Grooves.

Video tutorials and demos are available on their website. Check it out!

Discount Code TROMMELAPRIL valid until the 30th of April Midnight CEST.

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