Premiere: A1 – Red Pig Flower – Meduza Madness [WIP003]

WIP003 Artwork

Sound Of Vast founder Red Pig Flower shapes the third vinyl release for French imprint Work In Progress.

The Korean artist has found her place amongst the more dissonant, tripped out corner of club music. As well as curating a program of releases featuring the likes of San Proper and The Mole on her label, various sultry solo productions have landed on Recordeep and Baile Musik, exploring deep, surrealist frameworks.

Two funk-ridden cuts form WIP003, each hosting lean basslines that would fit comfortably in the sets of the likes of Barac and Rhadoo. ‘Meduza Madness’ hosts a more peak time energy in the premiered A1.

Crisp hats fizz beneath a squelchy chord sequence and sticky textures in the opening minute. Balancing a small number of fluent elements loaded with groove builds a neat, reduced foundation ahead of a jazzy piano section’s arrival into the mix.

The piano leads a lucid, live-jam like structure through subtle, occasional breakdowns coated in stretchy, abstract atmospheres adding a pleasing warmth and depth to the track.

Morrocan artist Monile brings a classy remix to conclude the A-side. Tripped out, Matrix-like chords wrap around the clever use of ‘Meduza Madness’ piano and a slick, J Dilla style snare drum.

‘Monkey Magic’ drifts down after hour avenue on the flip, hosting philosophical vocals, monkey chants, and gongs beneath a nimble bassline that could loop for hours. French maestro Alexkid concludes the EP with a soulful remix of ‘Monkey Magic’, offering an uplifting vibe to the release.

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