Afriqua connects with Ableton to celebrate Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month the R & S artist will be taking an upbeat and highly informed look at the roots of ‘Black Music’ and how almost every modern genre can trace its lineage all the way back to Africa. In the coming weeks Afriqua will be posting up a series of essays and videos looking at the four principles of black music – Call and Response, The Blue Note, Polyrhythms and Improvisation.

The American born, Berlin based artist is perfectly placed to offer this journey into the history books as his classic roots dovetail perfectly with the uniquely slanted electronic music. Appearing on a range of labels such as Soul Clap Records, Raresh’s Metereze imprint and, All Inn he calls upon a mind-bending array of influences to form his very own palette of sound.

The introduction to the origins deep dive begins with a candid look into Afriqua arriving in Berlin and discovering a new meaning for the word Black and his relationship with his heritage. As he explains much has been said about the appropriation of black heritage but Black History Month is a time for celebration not guarded finger pointing. We won’t spoil the fun for you but we highly recommend taking some time out to pour over Afriqua’s insightful story’s and musings over the coming weeks.

The introduction to the series is now available on Ableton’s site here.

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