Premiere: E1 – Afriqua – Suture [ALLINNX]

All Inn Records celebrate ten years of taste-making dance music.

Spread across four 12” vinyl, a 16-track celebratory compilation features many frequent faces of the label, as well as various newcomers.

All Inn favourite Afriqua contributes an innovative cut on the package’s E side. A spiraling bassline jitters over tight breakbeat structures in ‘Suture’, casting the kind of hypnotic, mood-setting atmosphere of an opening set deep in the forests of Romania.

Lathered in rich field recording-like samples, complimentary combinations add a mystical layer of depth to sounds, common in much of the R&S artist’s output. From ocean breezes to abstract clicks and pops, a varying set of samples create a sixth sense-like character to the track.

Lucid movement within the beat-less soundscapes cast a loose fluency to the groove. Swung hats simmer beneath rhythms, rising and falling throughout a ten-minute arrangement, breathing energy into new sections before vanishing into the bed of textures.

Timbres consistently evolve throughout, from neat filter work with the raveling bassline to soft tweaks to the hat’s release time, a continual sense of movement and evolution within sounds crafts a story-telling narrative, building and releasing tension with exquisite effect.

Afriqua’s taste for elegant sounds casts a satisfying warmth across the frequency palate. Patterns swim in a mixture of deep reverbs and delays, married against luscious textures leaving you gasping for more.

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