Alexis Cabrera analyses top tracks on his new series ‘Why is this track a Bomb?’

There is no denying that Belisa Booking artist and Fun Records co-boss Alexis Cabrera has an ear for a bomb track. Having penned countless bombs himself there is no better person to clarify what goes into making such memorable music.

With Alexis’ new project ‘Why is this track a bomb?’ the Argentinian artist lays bare tracks that have, for one reason or another been elevated to a level that sets them apart as a bomb. Alexis and his finely trained ears will be deconstructing one track per episode and analysing each element of the track, the production techniques used, and pinpointing that killer part of the track that gives such an impact.

For the first episode of ‘Why is this track a bomb?’ Alexis has chosen fellow Argentine artist Franco Cinelli’s reworking of French touch legend’s Cassius and their stone wall classic ‘Sound of Violence’. Alexis explained his reasons for choosing this track, “First of all this remix was made by my very good friend Franco Cinelli who I admire and respect so much and second of all this track brings me always lovely memories.”

Speaking with Alexis regarding his new project it was a fairly straightforward choice of track for him, “I had the idea of making this series of analysis for a long time and somehow this remix was always in my mind as a first episode. So yes, it was pretty easy… the second episode was very hard to choose but I still can’t say anything about it.”

This track and the 2011 reworking by Franco is seminal and Alexis recalls when and where he first heard it, “I remember the first time I listened to this track in a club, it was in Mar del Plata (Argentina) and Franco played it as his closing set track during the sunrise… pure magic.”

Taking a well-known track and repurposing it for a completely different audience is not easy and Alexis recognises this, “It is not easy to breakdown a pop song and make it sound “underground”, you gotta have a special feeling concerning which elements you are gonna choose. But it is really cool when on certain and special moments of the night you listen to a well-known melody or vocal.”

We won’t give too much more away but Alexis gives great context to the remix and tells the amazing story of the origins of the remix. Yet again, Alexis invites us all into his fantastic studio to share his expertise. We can’t wait for the next edition.

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