Review: S.O.N – Storyteller EP [PS001]

Christian Kowalski and Giannis Papadogiannakis aka S.O.N join forces in a new vinyl label Pattern Society.

Inspired by a mutual experience and friendship formed living in Berlin, the two artists collide on the new project brimming with passion. Slotting neatly between the house and techno fringes, their aesthetic bridges the soulful end of both genres, presented in slick and elegant grooves aimed at the dance floor.

Interestingly, the project came to bloom once both artists had moved away from Berlin. After igniting a relationship with Dana Ruh and Jamie Fry’s KMA60 distribution, the pair moved out of the capital back to their respective hometowns, Greece and Liechtenstein. The laid-back, coastal vibe of S.O.N’s Greek roots comes through in the music, expressing blissed out, sun-kissed moods within tidy micro-house rhythms.

Coming from one of the smallest countries in Europe, Kowalski will actually become the first person to be pressing vinyl from the entire country. To celebrate this milestone release, the collective will host a release party at Berlin’s KMA60, followed by an after party at 60hz.

Keeping things simple in their first release, two pristine cuts from S.O.N occupy each side of the record, alongside a gorgeous remix by the Romanian wizard Direkt. Opening the record with a spine-tingling minimal cut, S.O.N’s ‘An Old Story’ works with weightless, shimmering chords and a simple crafty bassline keeping you hooked.

Elements are refined and unobtrusive, allowing energies to build patiently, neat hi-hat and clap changes inject energy into new sections without disrupting the gentle vibe of the track. Visions of a glorious Sunwaves sunset or sunrise come to mind, whether it’s keeping the party rocking in the early hours or just warming up the floor, this timeless piece is sure to find playtime in many sets across the house and minimal scenes.

The same track heads in a more cryptic direction via Direkt’s reshape. Whilst maintaining the dream-like atmosphere through the original’s long chords, percussion heads towards a more pensive palate, trickling over a subtle bassline that is dying to be heard on a nice sound system.

Direkt’s prolific output has been a frequent sight on the Trommel channels, showcasing his elegant ear for Skip Audio, as well as Rowle’s sublabel Abduction. The Romanian’s flair brings a welcome depth to the release, layering micro details into a moreish groove leaving you hungry for more.

Lifting the mood on the flip side, S.O.N shapes a delightfully dreamy cut in ‘A New Story’. Exquisite pads lather the groove with a delicate and intriguing character, similar to the lush work of So Inagawa within this deep, blissful strain of house music. Intricate melodies blossom over a simple 4/4 beat holding down a solid foundation for this stunning, slow-burner of a track.

Given the variety of influences and ideas between all involved in Pattern Society, this label is sure to be one to watch as they grow into form.

Buy the record direct from KMA60 here.

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