Review: Cezar Lazar – Archetypes EP

It’s always exciting when two giants of a specific music scene come together and the excitement for Cezar Lazar’s Archetypes EP, being released on Amphia, has been considerable since a teaser video was put out.

In 2016, the Romanian producer brought out his Balancing Act EP out on the label to much success, specifically with fan favourite ‘Grounds And Shields’.

In Archetypes, Cezar follows the music philosophy that has served him so well, minimal techno that is more on the darker and introspective side than some other producers in the scene.

On the A side we have Equtime, an atmospheric track that utilises featherlight drums and synths that creates a contrast with the grooving bassline that drives the track forward. Equtime balances out the driving parts of the track with the atmospheric ones, combining for a track that is multi-functional with tons of dancefloor potential.

Badgervox is arguably the most intriguing track of the EP. Within the minimal scene tracks can often seem like the follow the question of ‘How weird can we get and still make people dance?’ and Badgervox answers that question with ‘Pretty weird’. In the background there’s murky vocals complimented by glitchy sounds and harrowing synths. However, once again Cezar balances out these atmospheric qualities with a solid bassline and snappy drums.

Imagine the sun has risen, the dark of night has melted into the sunlight of day. You’re behind the decks and you need pick-me-up track for the crowd. Enter Cezar’s ‘Wedmar’. The track is mesmerising yet is light on the ears, a pushing bassline is complimented fantastically by organ sounds and fast hitting hi-hats in parts.

When an EP such as this comes out, you can forgive those in the scene for only releasing one every two years or so.

You can purchase Archetypes at Juno, Deejay and any other good record store.

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