Review: Bodin – Revox LP [Traffic014]

Frankfurt based label Traffic Records have slowly become your favourite producer’s favourite label since their inception in 2013. The label refuses to be bound by genres and has released everything from funky bass driven house music to choppy head-spinning breaks.

The fourteenth release on the label is a biggie. It’s the first extended release that hasn’t been a compilation of various artists and it’s the debut album of Bodin, who mostly performs with label-mate Jacob as, you guessed it, ‘Bodin & Jacob’.

Whether it’s intentional or not, the album is a jaw-dropping showcase of how diverse, genre-pushing and excellently produced the music that Traffic Records releases is.

I first heard the title track ‘Revox’ when the trio of Martyne, Bodin & Jacob played at Gottwood Festival and it garnered a quintessential Traffic Records response from the crowd. ‘Jesus Christ, what IS this track?!’ The electrifying bassline and thumping drums give way to jabs of acid as the drop evolves into a beautiful ecstasy of 303 fuelled chaos.

Other highlights of the four-sided album include B2’s ‘Gecko’. Once again Bodin lays down a hard-hitting rhythm via heavy drums and pads whilst in combination with the smile-inducing synths create a beautiful mash-up of techno and bouncy, Zip-esque house.

Perhaps no track sums up Traffic Records’ philosophy better than the last one on wax, ‘Vibrations’. A stunning combination of down-tempo house accompanied with heavenly synths but at the foundation of the track are some insanely catchy broken beats.

It’s the type of track that you can actually picture where you’d hear it when you first listen, even if you’re just listening at home. For me, I can hear it in Robert Johnson as the sun is breaking through the balcony doors, smiling with my friends after a fantastic night out.

Bodin’s Revox is available via Juno, Decks or your chosen record store. You can also like Traffic Records on Facebook as well Bodin.


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