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Traffic Records: Breathing Spell

We sit down with Offenbach crew Traffic Records, discussing their evolution as a label, Robert Johnson residency, and what's next for the crew that's always pushing boundaries.

Traffic Records goes digital with Bandcamp releases from their back catalogue

Since the Frankfurt-based label Traffic Records launched in 2013 the label/artist collective that is comprised of Martyné, Patrick Klein, Bodin & Jacob and Julian...

Review: Jacob Chenaux – Challenjour EP [TRAFFIC015]

Traffic Records continue their streak of producing some of the most unique sounding music in the scene as Jacob Chenaux of Bodin & Jacob makes his solo debut.

Review: Bodin – Revox LP [Traffic014]

The fourteenth release on the label is the first extended release that hasn't been a compilation of various artists and it's the debut album of Bodin

Vinyl Selection – August 2018

Trommel's monthly selection of vinyl returns for the month of August. This month there are select cuts from some of our favourite selectors including Etienne,...

Premiere: Etienne – Combat EP [TRAFFIC013]

Since their launch in 2013, Frankfurt based Traffic Records have cemented their reputation as a vinyl-only powerhouse. The label is known for consistently pushing...

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