Traffic Records goes digital with Bandcamp releases from their back catalogue

Since the Frankfurt-based label Traffic Records launched in 2013 the label/artist collective that is comprised of Martyné, Patrick Klein, Bodin & Jacob and Julian Chenaux have seriously helped to push a much more upfront yet funky slant on underground music. From an early point, they have held a special place in the hearts of the Trommel team and we have supported them on our pages as recently as Martyné’s ‘TP Project’ EP. Having always opted for their releases to remain on vinyl only the Robert Johnson regulars is moving with the times and will be branching out into the world of digital releases.

For the first instalments on their new Bandcamp page, the crew has opted to reboot a number of their acid-tinged bombs which date back to their second release and also includes the 2016 4-tracker ‘Benza’ EP. The labels’ cult following has meant that older Traffic releases are highly prized and with this release from Martyné & Jacob (TRA008) holding their value very well an unplayed version is currently going for around €50 on Discogs bagging a copy of this EP is more than a little exciting. We are hoping that this will be the first in a long series of digital releases from Traffic Records as they continue to digitise their entire back catalogue.

You can grab a number of Traffic Records releases now from their Bandcamp page.

More info on Traffic Records
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