Review: Ada Kaleh – Nedeslusit In Amurg [AK007]

Romanian wizard Ada Kaleh is set to release his 7th release on his self-titled label.

Ada Kaleh is one of the most respected Romanian artists, with a reputation for creating timeless cuts that never leave a DJs record bag. Ada’s creative spark leaves much to the imagination of the listener. Each track comes with a story, with the tracks following on in a fluid movement.

A-side ‘Nedeslusit in amurg’ is characterised by its atmospheric vibe and distant vocals. The track is inspired by the whirling dance of the Sufi dervishes. The dervishes walk the desert for hours, maybe days. As the sun sets, in its twilight (“Amurg in Romanian”), a women holding a blue pot of water unfolds… 

B-side ‘Morgana avidoma’ is as memorable as the story behind it. A creative combination of fluid, driving basslines combines with snappy claps and extra-terrestrial synths. ‘Morgana‘ represents the women, always in the distance, always ‘nedeslusit’, yet always there, in front of your eyes, “avidoma”. She is indeed there, but only for us to see. 

What this EP represents is a snippet into the brain of Ada Kaleh. The hypnotic feel of the tracks mirror his memorising DJ and live sets. His music is as much a visual experience as an audio experience. It’s designed to make you dance but also to leave an impression…

Listen to the full-length premiere of B-side ‘Morgana Avidoma’ on Soundcloud. Pre-order your copy here

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