Trommel.064 – Ada Kaleh

Taking control of the next edition of our podcast is none other than R&S and UVAR artist Ada Kaleh. This label boss and grade A selector has seen his profile steadily rising since 2016 and is currently gearing up to appear at Awake Festival in Bucharest and the star-studded R&S Showcase at Studio 338. Packed full of irresistible grooves, lush musical moments and dextrous turntable skills, sit back and enjoy this one hour mix from the very talented Ada Kaleh.

The mix contains: Ivan Iacobucci – Logical Solutions, G. Markus – Dreemscape ’99 (Roger Gerressen lo-fi mix), and oscure gems from the likes of Cheap Knob Gags (also known as Schatrax), Ivano Tetelepta & Ben Buitendijk, Dilated pupils and a few others, making this is a mix for the trully passionate in the art of digging.

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