Premiere: A2 – Wave Particle Singularity – The Mind-Body Problem [ZNGBRLTDX1]

French label Zingiber Audio has over the past 10 years been a home to some of house music’s rising groove exponents. Artists such as Ray Mono, Legit Trip, Lose Endz and of course label founder Cor100 have all produced tracks for this imprint.

While there may be elements of other sub genres sneaking into the mix somewhere along the line the deep shades always make their way to the top. It is exactly this combination that has found its way into the four-track VA that has dropped to celebrate 10 years in the game.

We take up the release with A2 ‘The Mind-Body Problem’ from Wave Particle Singularity and the tightly woven grooves pound from the beginning. The pristine drums work in tandem delivering a punchy signal until the bassline arrives to give that all important swing. Dreamy pads filter in and out of view of the vocals that litter the mix until the break free of the track as if they are atop the rest of the action. That is until the track kicks back in and the pad ducks back under the cover of the drums again.

A1 ‘Got 2 Be’ from Sy takes a slightly dub approach and the bassline is all killer. The beats may be primed for the dancefloor but the overall vibe of the track is still on a musical tip and offers some seriously blissful moments. Flipping over and Dust Yard delivers ‘Hydrat’ and lays down a sweet conga groove with a nicely swung off beat hi hat. Again the deep paddy synths bloom and retreat to offer a real mixture of dynamics and energies along the way. Finally Nicola Brusegan and Steve Hammer launch ‘Underbeat’ a tidily gated synth workout that bangs in a much more subtle way and you might expect.

Zingiber Audio’s ‘X Year’ VA is now available via

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