Premiere: B1 – Stephan Bazbaz – Consolidate (Vinyl Speed Adjust Remix) [NW004]

No Waves Records return with their fourth output since 2016. Label owner Stephan Bazbaz’s delves deep in his second solo output on the label. Romanian duo Vinyl Speed Adjust and E-Wax founder SY are invited to remix on the release, alongside two original tracks from Bazbaz.

Both Bazbaz’s originals stand firmly in dub techno territory. Subtle bass notes cushion a growling bassline in Consolidate. Weightless pads swim in the depths, occasionally swallowed by a sequence of chords dripping in idyllic reverb.

Carried by an incessant sub bass, sharp chords perpetuate a firm beat in Dub Waves, lathered in a comforting warmth associated with traditional, analogue production methods.

Romanian duo Vinyl Speed Adjust shape a cosmic rework of the A1. Marching back to minimal territory, a soft bassline lifts a delicate groove. Synth chords reminiscent of the original cast over a delicate ray of vocals, crafting a classy after hours vibe familiar with much of the Romanian output.

SY closes this powerful release with a buoyant remix. A soft synth line transports a patient tech house rhythm, sculpted with an emotive touch familiar with SY’s E-Wax imprint.

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