Relive our first 500 vinyl only premieres

    Since the inception of Trommel premieres back in 2017 up until one of our most recent premiere with Axelle Stone, we have been lucky enough to introduce you to many breaking artists, emerging talents, established stars and legends that need no introduction. It is almost impossible to imagine just how much amazing music has been pressed to vinyl since then. It is even harder to get our heads around the fact that much of it has passed over our desk at that time.

    Since our very first premiere with Vinyl Speed Adjust’s ‘We Do Not Belong Here’ this A1 bomb has racked up an impressive figure of almost 70k plays and counting. This calibre of music really helped to set the tone for our purely vinyl selection and it wasn’t long before labels such as Yoyaku, VBX, Rawax, FUSE, Meander, Telum, MTM, DRG Series and many more followed on a regular basis. As well as these top-flight labels, we were lucky enough to host the work of artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Alexis Cabrera, Denis Kaznacheev, Amorf, and almost any top underground producer you can think of.

    As an essential part of the process, it is also important not to forget the huge number of newborn projects, newly launched imprints and platforms proposing interesting and innovative music, with which we shared their launch trajectory. In time, many developed unique series’ and strong releases, building a name and a reputation as well as taking their space within the industry and the collections of music-lovers.

    In line with the insane amount of top quality music that we have featured over the years, this playlist has been met with an impressive amount of plays. It is impossible to predict or comment on the popularity of the tracks that we present and that is why all we care about how good the track is. With our music policy and remit widening with each passing release, we have grown in a short space of time to include works by artists that do not only hail from Romania but all corners of the musical sphere.

    From the minimal to the maximal, from the understated to the sublime we have always looked to present new and exciting sounds from around the underground. There are a million (well…500) tracks that we could have posted here but we will let our playlist do the talking for us. Here is, to the next 500 tracks.

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