Premiere: A1 – Axelle Stone – Dynasty [SNAZA01]

The new release from Yoyaku distributed label Snaza welcomes Axelle Stone and her ‘Street of Rage’ EP. This super limited run of only 100 numbered vinyl will be exclusively available at the Yoyaku Record Store. Usually catering to the digital market with their previous releases it is high time to dip their toe into the waters of vinyl.

The risographed cover is both popping and eye-catching and is the work of Parisian illustrator Hugo Devoucoux. The printing technique lies between silkscreen and offset printing and in a typically artistic and unique style allows for vivid colours and a handcrafted aspect to the release as a whole.

There is more than a nod to the legendary Sega console from Snaza and the accompanying game in both track name and artist name. However, the 16-bit crunch of the drums and sizzling basslines is where the similarities end. In terms of sound, ‘Street of Rage’ EP offers us three tracks. First of all, ‘Dynasty’ offers a groovy and punchy setting. The full and pumping bassline takes center stage and is soon joined by supporting vocal snips, lush synth pads and lead synth stabs that twist and turns the whole way through the track.

Lovers of more raw and electronic tracks won’t be put aside with the second track ‘Mega Drive’. Featuring a more upfront acid-tinged motif the homage to the Sega console features those aforementioned crunchy noise snares and old school computer game lead synth sounds. On the B-side ‘Meadow’, sits just between the two previous tracks and concludes the EP with a deep coherent, and danceable vibe that will delight the house music faithful.

Exclusively available at Yoyaku Record Store.