Premiere: 4 – Suave (Be) – Down The Rabbit Hole (Carebears Remix) [OUVERTURE003]


Ouverture Records invite Belgium based producer Suave for their third release.

The Italian crew amongst Carebears and their agent Sara continue a fine streak of form this year, off the back of April’s EP from Ruven Medici, as well as March’s debut release from Alicia Hush.

Carebears return to their familiar remix duties, this time exploring a more fruitful, garagey tip when compared with their more tool-driven work. Sprightly swung drums set a lively mood, ringing bells to the likes of Boo Williams and the steamy Chicago house sound.

The track gradually opens up into a mean breakbeat that could slot neatly into the sets of the likes of DJ Masda. Gritty, machine-made melodies common with much of the 90s inspired scene around many selectors such as Binh and Nicolas Lutz,

A vast pool of influence can be heard in the Carebears’ work, with subtle intricacies from the Rominimal movement, alongside the emotive, raucous vibe of more house and techno forumlas.

Suave brings three slinky original cuts to the release, exploring nimble sub work and dreamscape atmospheres. Title track ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ opens up a world of sun-kissed, laid back vibes in their original.

Percussions are short and snappy, darting between crisp ride cymbals and a lush chord sequence, lapping into the mix like a blanket of warmth. ‘Would You’ explores a more pensive tip, bending trippy vocals over sultry percussion and a nifty bassline.

‘Bubble Power’ picks up the pace with it’s lean garage strut, trickling loose keys over the mix, popping with a gentle bubble-like texture. The track sees a meaty reshape from Jacopo Latini, slapping a huge, hoovering bassline over the original’s lush melodies, and a mean snare drum.

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