Premiere: 4 – Alicia Hush – Sambal SOS (Carebears Remix) [OUVERTURE001]


Canadian producer Alicia Hush steps up for the first release of Ouverture Records, featuring Carebears on remix duties.

The Italian outlet is a product of the Carebears family, taken care of by the duo’s agent Sara. Witnessing the process from the outside looking in, the label is born from a vision to bring artists together, instigate collaborations and share their love for music.

On this topic, she says: “I have the pleasure and the goal to divulge music, creating relationships between people who still don’t know each other but have a common vision!
The truth is Ouverture comes from the Carebears garage, as my desk is just outside their studio, where I manage all the media, emails and contacts for them, while they are busy all day moving faders and turning knobs. I listen to a lot of music, pretty much all day while I talk to artists so I said to myself it was time to create my own label. The point? Build friendships, create bonds and spread my extreme love for music!”

Six tracks form the inaugural digital release, with four elegant originals from Alicia Hush, alongside a remix from Carebears and Jonny N’ Travis.

Carebears delve deep in their featured remix of ‘Sambal SOS’. Deep chords wrapped in heavy reverbs set an introspective tone, contrasting with the playfully swung groove of the drum palate. Funky hats bring a subtle garagey vibe, tweaking underneath a soothing bed of mood-setting melodies.

The duo’s ear for twitchy, moreish grooves was showcased in their recent free download for ourselves, flexing a delightfully elastic bassline that the pair recently gave a tutorial on for Michael JamesThe Source.

Plucky harp-like sounds bring a delicate essence to the track, trickling between kick drums with a soothing charm. The versatile, genial nature of Carebears’ relaxed approach makes for a very playable remix, be it in the warm-up, peak time, or after-hours of the evening.

Alicia Hush’s original cuts tread through more dubby territories, leading warm subs and elegant rhythms through a variety of moods, whilst Jonny N’ Travis shape a hopeful remix of ‘Shikaeshiben Supreme’.

Listen back to Carebears talk through their studio process in our feature, discussing working with both analogue and digital formats.

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