Premiere: A1 – Carebears – 707 A [CB707]


Italian duo Carebears continue a fine streak of form in the seventh release of their self-titled label.

A number of remixes and originals have shaped a prolific output over the past year, with their slick contributions to the Ouverture Music project, as well as featuring on the Dreams on Wax imprint.

Honing a refined approach to production, the pair acquire a knack for loading subtle, classic sounds with life. ‘707 A’ showcases this to full effect in the featured premiere. Chunky, swung 909 patterns set the pace, coated with a cosy warmth and character of the old analogue drum machines.

Energies lift upon arrival of a funky bassline slotting between snappy snare drums and playful chord stabs. New ideas flow into the mix with a natural, jam-like entrance, wrapping a lush chord sequence around the rhythm and playing with satisying hi-hat and cowbell tweaks.

Playful melodies slowly flood into the track, leaning towards a soulful mood that could bring a smile to just about every dance floor. The Italian duo manage to walk the line between the world of audiophile analogue production, whilst packing tracks with infectious energy to make you move.

‘Track 2’ maintains this buoyant atmosphere, boasting a cheeky bassline gliding through spitty drum patterns with a delightfully nimble character. Each track from the release offers a unique vibe for each part of a set, with the conclusive B-side venturing down a more wholesome, emotive tip.

Ressaruing synth chords form a welcoming energy, backed by short, snappy percussion that leaves generous amounts of space in the mix. A subtle organ bassline eventually slots into the mix, adding to the luscious, hopeful atompshere in this dreamy piece.

Both the record and digital are available over at and the label’s Bandcamp.

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