Premiere: 3 – MOOR – Radio KRS [BERGADGTL09]


MOOR steps up for the ninth release of Berg Audio’s digital series.

The French label are a fertile presence across the house and dub techno realms. With a number of sub-label and off-shoot projects, the recognisable artwork of soviet-era architecture accompanying warm, groovey dance music has become a staple sight in both record bags and stores.

Artists from a global scale have featured on the imprint, with a recent EP from Ukraine’s Lola Palmer, the memorable collaboration between Priku & Traumer, as well as hosting the GETTRAUM founder’s extended 3xLP album.

Following a series of contributions to the in-form Late Night Burners label, Dutch producer MOOR brings five fresh cuts to Berg Audio. Leaning more towards the label’s housier tendencies, tracks explore a fusion of house, garage, and dubby flavours.

True to the label’s character with the warmer, dub-heavy personality, moods meander through a dreamy world of reverb and atmospheres. ‘Radio KRS’ is the most high-energy pick, whipping snappy snare drums between a crafty bassline that could loop for hours.

Sequences remain simple and airy, allowing for ideas to develop into moreish moods loaded with groove. It’s the kind of slinky, laid back house music you could hear the likes of Praslea and Raresh fizzing into the mix at just about anytime.

Percussion is classy and refined, slotting crisp hats between beats with a zesty flair. Subtle vocal snippets bring a sensual vibe to the groove, gently caressing a stunning muted chord section fluttering at the rear.

‘Alla Norma’ and ‘Microwave’ bring more inviting warmth to the table. Whilst remaining on a tight, club ready tip via garagey percussion and nimble basslines, heavy dub chords span across the mix like a winter fire.

Influences from early 2000s dub-techno pioneers in the likes of DeepChord trickle throughout the release. Delicate stabs meander their way through the elegant ‘Sable’, whilst taking a more lead part in the delightful chords guiding ‘Shakeweight’ during the closing cut.

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