Premiere: C2 – Per Hammar – If You Have A Mind It Will Wonder [DH006]

Pathfinder LP

Six years of production between Berlin and Malmö, combined with fifteen years of influences, have culminated in this first studio album from Swedish musician, Per Hammar. A man who values artistry over urgency.

Available on May 1st on his own label, Dirty Hands, he described his inspiration for his productions as ‘music where melody is the focus’. Conforming to the usual boundaries set by genres is simply not his style. Hammar’s influences from his past works have deeply permeated this record, with a history that ranges from trance to video game scores.

Heading up labels 10YEARS and De Vloer, as well as running Kiloton in Malmö, Hammar has created multiple channels for all his creative outlets. His Dirty Hands imprint, however, founded in 2014, has kept one foot firmly in dub. Pathfinder stands proudly in his diverse discography as an album documenting his evolution over the years. Connecting the dots. Designed for the dance floor, every track certainly has the potential to captivate a club.

Producing a full-length album for his own label, in his own (rather impressive) studio, has given Hammar the chance to fully embrace his inner music nerd. As a collector of old music gear, he’s used soviet drum machines, and captured everyday audio using tape and field recorders. He’s even gone as far as to name prime time roller ‘DX Sport’ after two of the vintage synths used to create the track – the Yamaha DX-7 and DX-27.

‘If You Have A Mind It Will Wonder’ is the debut release from the album, and it’s easy to see why. Containing samples recorded from an old French to English language tape he found outside his Berlin apartment, edited into an unrecognisable form, and an expansive melody that wouldn’t be out of place at a warehouse party, it proves to be an intriguing track. And it is also our selected premiere from the album.

Of course, there’s a nod to his dub focused roots at the label with ‘F Dub 1000’, and a taster of some twisted techno with ‘Midnight Print’. He’s showcasing his diversity in all its forms. But an album from Per Hammar wouldn’t be complete without expressing his love for trance. ‘Late For The Trance Gate’ is a spacey, slow burner mid-LP, while the final track ‘Manchester Lone Star’ is reminiscent of classic 90s euphoric trance. A fitting end to a meticulously produced album.

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