Premiere: A1 – Per Hammar & Olga Korol – Na Zare [DH007]

Having worked together for a while now Per Hammar and Olga Korol have an impressive discography in the making. They combined on our Xmas compilation and now they are back together on Per’s Dirty Hands imprint.

The Swede’s label is home to a cool mix of media that gives the full spectrum of his talents. From digital, vinyl, and also cassette Dirty Hands but it is the vinyl output that is on the agenda for his ‘Na Zare’ EP alongside Ukrainian artist Olga Korol.

As you might expect from a track from Per and Olga the groove on title track ‘Na Zare’ is impeccable. Tightly woven kicks and sub-bass act as one driving the track right through the middle of a crowd of seductive vocals and wonky noise hits. The angular synths that jolt out of the mix are only kept in check by the snappy percussion.

The energy on A2 ‘Yard B’ is not nearly as intense but the arrangement is more complex. The way the tumbling toms seem to pour out of the mix is impressive as is the production on the whole. Flipping over and a different tact can be found. B1 ‘Hibernation’ is a much more subdued breakbeat affair and the ethereal remix from Pressure Traxx is almost angelic in approach but still retains the pin point production that the German has become so highly prized for.

The variety found ‘Na Zare’ is typical of the versatility that both Per Hamar and Olga Korol exhibit in their productions and their DJ sets. Let’s hope that it won’t be long before these two get their hands dirty in the studio again.

You can pre-order ‘Na Zare’ EP at blackroundtwelve.

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