Premiere: C2 – Charonne – Fortune Telling [ATWT010]

We here at Trommel have taken great delight in watching how Automatic Writing has taken shape over the last nine releases. From the first moody Ep from Murphie Cooper through various shades of minimal, micro house, deep, and more upfront gears of house music this meticulously curated imprint arrives at their tenth release.

The double EP includes tracks from early members of the team as well as a clutch of new faces and a duo of veteran producers. It is Charonne who is the focus of our review today with his input into this impressive VA.

Heading straight to C2 with Charonne’s ‘Fortune Telling’. In a similar vein to his Epicerie output, his mysterious banger hits a tidy balance between bass and beat. The sizzling hats and snappy snares fizz of the sub basslines and accompanying tuned congos. The unashamed view to the past with the drum arrangements and the eerie synth pads and breakbeats and music hits provide a wicked update to a sound that is already doing the business.

The remainder of the release is just as wicked and includes the wide cross-section of tracks that followers of Automatic Writing will have come to expect. Side A begins with Guillermo Jamas‘ crisp Sunday morning jam ‘Luke Jazzwalker’ which transports the ear to a sunkissed session. A2 ‘What Now’ from Gabriel Balabbas segues nicely with a similarly funky edge but with much more energy inserted.

Flipping over to B1 regular face Gab Jr. keeps the beats going with ‘Train To Happiness’ and the forlorn melody sits just on top of the thumping beats. Badman Sweely returns to Automatic Writing with ‘Trust’ featuring his imitable high-tempo funky style. Haunted Thompson kicks off side C with the paddy breaks of ‘Ronde Ian’ while Charonne completes the side.

Old heads Felipe Valenzuela and Dorian Paic combine on ‘Duster’ where subtle live drums roll over a bleepy melody and an undulating bassline. Schaa throws a bit of a curveball with the last track on the release ‘Muse Tragis’. The electric guitar licks are an interesting shift in gears and wrap up their tenth outing nicely.

You can pre-order the release from a number of outlets here.

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